Ruth Wharton Cumbrian Landscape Artist

Ruth Wharton is a Cumbrian Landscape Artist, drawing, etching and painting the northern landscape.

Ruth Wharton: drawing, etching and painting the Cumbrian landscape.

“What makes craft into art is the margin left for contingency, the space made for ambiguity.”
Hilary Mantel

Drawing in the Cumbrian landscape is the basis of Ruth’s studio work. Working primarily in charcoal and graphite, which lend themselves to a spontaneous and intuitive approach, she employs a vocabulary of tonal contrast and vigorous line to record the landscape of the Northern Pennines near her home in Cumbria. There is an interplay here between heart and mind, abstraction and figuration, imagery and its materiality.

Employing the most direct methods in traditional etching, creating images by the action of acid on metal, Ruth draws into soft and hard ground and adds tone with aquatint, painting directly onto the plate in sugar lift and spit bite processes. She works primarily on zinc, preferring the coarser nature of this metal over the refinement of copper.

Recent work includes small preparatory oil sketches in the Cumbrian landscape.

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