Ruth Wharton Cumbrian Landscape Artist

Ruth Wharton is a Cumbrian Landscape Artist, drawing, etching and painting the northern landscape.

Ruth Wharton: Landscape Artist

Work in the landscape, through drawing in charcoal or graphite and painting in oils on site, allows a spontaneous and honest approach with direct observation and space for intuition to flow, at the best of times. This work sharpens the relationship between hand and eye, and is done for the pleasure of being in the moment, totally engaged with the task in hand. Many attempts may be made before the image reflects the intention at outset, that approximates to some kind of closure upon it, or reveals an unforeseen aspect in the relationship of elements in the scene and sparks a plan for a painting. The subject is often not pre-planned, but come upon while walking, biking, or driving if too distant from Ruth’s home near Appleby, Cumbria. Information is gathered ‘en plein air’ for subsequent studio work primarily in oils on canvas but also in printmaking.

Ruth avoids the picturesque, fanciful or sentimental and engages with working or worked landscapes, particularly those in the Pennines: decisive wall lines enclose land under the open fell, quarries scar the hill, water channelled for forgotten purpose at the old mine, floods transform the familiar scene, stormblown trees bend sideways, the fields a vivid monochrome green. This is a damaged and poignant beauty: silence has overtaken the noise of industry, witness to our transitory lives. Even within its beauty, the landscape cautions for the future. Art requires no justification to be beautiful and needs serve no other purpose than to please the eye, but Ruth questions the relevance of a purely romantic depiction of landscape within her own work.

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